About Configurator

A simple tool for system reliability


Easy for individuals and roaming techs to carry on a thumb drive, disk, or keep on laptops or workstations. Compact code under 3MB with profile builder.

Not Expensive

For the amount saved in time discovering prerequisites or matching multiple installations, it pays for itself. The more machines, the more time saved.

Highly Configurable

Construct profiles for different purposes. Run the same profile against multiple machines for consistency. Test based on conditional values. XML format editable in any text editor or profile builder. Runs on legacy systems back to XP.


Configurator Benefits.

System Prerequisites

Build custom profiles to assure machines meet minimum requirements. Prepare a machine for complex software installations. Validate an existing configuration to uncover problems. Categorize tests as required, recommended, and issues.

Developer Systems

Have new developers coming in? Need to make sure testing machines match certain settings or exemplify a certain test condition. Construct profiles to reliably configure machines to repeatable standards.


Rapidly generate snapshot profiles of a machine to validate rebuilds of installed applications after disaster strikes. Makes rebuilds repeatable and helps reduce the stress of missing configuration points.

Download Configurator and Profile Builder - Build and experiment with profiles. Test run up to 30 scans on a single machine. Free!


Once you have tried Configurator, choose your license option.

Need to bundle a configuration tool with larger application? Get in touch.